Pilar Jimenéz

She continues the tradition of the Colombian’s most important artist by being an intellectual. Her work much like poetry speaks to the 21st century epoch and to the psychology of environmental degradation.

Her paintings are the culmination of complex thought and reflexion   and represent a calm and serene place where the mind is healed and calm and tranquility manifest themselves.

Her work consists of parallel planes that offer refuge and delight with textures and colors that ruffle the canvas. Layer by layer worlds full of mystery that recreate everyday scenes full of candor and kindness are revealed in her works.

Although her work is incited by our beleaguered world, Pilar’s art emanates from a world of peace and hope where the viewer must listen to the silence to interact fully with her art.

In pursuing her studies in Communications and Art, she has reached the level of Catedratic  in Colombia, roughly translated as “professor of the Highest University Category”.

Pilar earned a Communications Degree complemented by an Arts curriculum at the most prestigious institution of higher education in the country – The Javeriana University, the National University of Colombia   and technical skills from Masters David Manzur and Luis Angel Rengifo among others. Later she rounded that education with coursework at the Corcoran College of Art +Design in Washington D.C.

She has been a Teacher at the graphic Design College in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota and Editor of the Magazine Arte en Colombia.

Her work has been shown in Germany, Rome, Paris, Aix in Provence, Brindici, New York, Washington, Miami , Pennsylvania and Bogota and is present in numerous private collections in the US, Germany, France, Italy and her native Colombia.

Currently she lives and works in her studio in New York City, NY.

Fernando Batista
Art curator
Washington D.C.